Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The 12 Apps of Christmas

For the second year in a row we at the university have run The 12 Apps of Christmas within our Moodle site. (You can only get in if you have access to our Moodle site, sorry about that). However I wanted to share the list of apps from last year and to where we are today.

I also have to say I have very little to do with it, my colleague Tom (a different Tom) designed and produced the idea and while we all contribute ideas, he takes them and writes them up in his jovial style.

So back in 2015 the 12 Apps were:

There are some really fantastic tools there that you may already use, but others that you may not have heard of. Again, I have to give credit to Tom for finding and resourcing this list. 

It's always amazing to think how creative we are as a world. There are so many things that are available from every walk of life. Creative education is one of those things. There are so many things that can help your life as an academic or student that you don't know exist. It's hard to filter which are actually good and which are less useful but these are decisions you as the user will have to evaluate. 

So 2016 is here and almost over and the list so far is as follows:

A great range of tools and apps that are not all focused on your academic life, but can enhance it in different ways. 

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