Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The world is changing

Today sees Donald Trump named as the President of the United States.

I'll just leave that there.

I am not a political genius or academic. I do however consider myself political. My wife would just call me opinionated, so it's two sides of the same square right?

I was very afraid of Brexit both personally and from a working perspective and while things are looking uncertain and I am sure in the next few years will unveil themselves. Today I am still here.

The same at the moment can be said for Donald Trump.

I was convinced all along that he never wanted to win, but was trying to lose, in style while putting the political elite to their own sword and being the business man he is, making money on the way. The trouble is he has now won. America voted and it appears to be as close as Brexit was.

I can't say what will happen, I am not the right person to ask. This is not really relevant to a technology skewed blog, but it is a big event in world history and blows anything else I might write out of the water.

All I will say is if he follows and succeeds with his rhetoric the world could be a little darker than it was yesterday. 4 Years is a long time in politics especially if things are going wrong. All I can say is that we are a more connected people today and technology and education to me are always going to be strong drivers in helping people to change their own future and that of others.

We are split on many things but we can agree that going forward technology can help deliver interactive and intelligent learning. All we can try to do is work together and look at what the real problems are within our own knowledge and try to fix what we are lacking.

Education is important and I hope that post Brexit and Trump people don't lose sight of that fact.

Maybe it's the fact we don't have the same monumental things like space travel to aspire to. We need to look for our next big endeavour and give everyone something to aspire to.

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