Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Preparing a new session

Tomorrow I am running a new training session to help academics look at the technology behind running a Distance Learning Course.

The main problem here is that there is such an extensive list of what you should or could use, I have to try to help narrow it down so that you buy what's best for you scenario.

A little back story to me, and that is I have "fallen" into my training role as a career. I love it. The thing is I started working in radio and through my university years and had a short time working in real radio stations. You soon find as an 18 year old though there are few positions and even less money. I then worked my way into a sixth form college (actually during the radio work) and developed my self as a media technician at college level to where I am today as a technologist at a university (there's ten years of in between but that is pretty much irrelevant).

The reason I give the back story is that I came to training through my love of talking (some would say of hearing my own voice but that is overly simplistic, I am sure other people like hearing it too!) So when I come to develop a training session, I find that I am not always doing it traditionally, but personally.  What would I like to know, what would I like to get from this session and I try to develop it from there. I guess this a natural evolution of any learning and I find that each time I do a session it evolves and adapts to each audience and as things change.

The session tomorrow will focus on the tech, but also I want to investigate how individuals may approach their own ideas and feelings about distance learning. I hope to learn from them as well and apply that to the next session. Arguably the first few sessions will be the weakest, but then confidence is a big part of any "performance" as confident people will bring the crowd along with them.

A good academic knows their material, of course, but that does not mean the lecture is engaging. A lecture is engaging because of the person doing the session and I expect the frequency they have done a session. Granted, some people are better at faking this confidence and not letting the nerves show through but when you have a full grasp of the subject it becomes easier to ride the real confidence to a good session.

As you can tell I have diverged from the title, and I am pretty good at that in person. It's how my brain makes random connections that just flow from one point to another and again that keeps a session (and this blog) spontaneous. That's fine in person, less so for a blog I should self edit on. However I like the idea of entertaining through this as well and not just having it a dry and factual blog, although I hope some of the posts do also inform about certain subjects.

To conclude, I will take tomorrows session and adapt and find what works to be useful to everyone. I will keep learning myself about what the requirements of each audience are and find the best way to structure it  to be a slick and interesting session. For tomorrow however, I have an idea of where to go, we shall see if it the correct way.

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