Friday, 25 November 2016

Engaging with others

My training sessions are usually well received, and in part that is due to the size of the classes that run. I am never over subscribed, and classes are small enough to almost be individual one to one sessions (and some are).

Recently I have had a visiting scholar attend my sessions, who was almost mortified that I was running a session to just her. She felt she was wasting my time.

When I started my training sessions 5 years ago, I tried running them less frequently to increase engagement. All that happened was that I would only have 2 people attending and 25 complaining they could never get on the session they wanted. So now we run it very frequently for smaller groups but I am able to engage with each individuals needs and problems.

It may not be the most efficient of training plans, I understand this, but actually I think I am providing a service to academics that they appreciate more for the individual nature that it brings.

Engaging with people is what we do at the university, we may not be a typical customer facing service like a shop but we provide a service that benefits our customer, the student. I occasionally have student facing sessions, but my customer is the academic and at times academics are reticent to engage with the technology that is at their finger tips.

I like the fact I can engage with them on a smaller scale as it makes the transition for them easier. They are not so overwhelmed, and are able to get me to adjust the speed of the training according to their level of understanding.

Engaging with the academics who are reticent is something that I feel is a growing part of my training life as many realise (although not always agree with) is that student expectation as a customer is much higher. They are after more for their money and want to feel that the service they are receiving is valuable.

Engagement is always a goal we try to achieve, and every year we find some students that do and some that don't. It's refining our ideas and processes each year to increase the service we provide and never thinking we have it perfectly worked out because as soon as you do, that's when it goes wrong again.

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